Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



The Learning passport is a platform that aims to provide digital learning opportunities to support citizens to acquire the necessary skills sets that would make them competitive in the twenty-first-century workforce and global economy.

The Landing page was designed to be easily accessible to all!  The MBSSE instance is designed for school-going pupils, whilst the HCD is for every Sierra Leonean who wishes to learn new skills.

The Learning Page provides local contextualized content and a library of global content in a wide variety of subjects.
Click on the Learners sections to explore the contents available.

A certificate of completion will be given at the end of the course.

No, The Learning passport is 100% free, with easy access to quality learning materials.

The Learning Passport is a web-based application, you need the internet to access it, but contents are available both offline and online. Download the HCD Instance on Google play store on your mobile device.